Work with architects for the design of residential sprinkler systems, to perform a due diligence evaluation prior to their client obtaining a new facility. San Francisco Bay Area.
Evaluation and modification report of architect proposed replacement to fire rated construction for renovation of existing housing projects.


Evaluate an existing municipal water supply system to determine system adequacy, for a proposed extension to a planned housing development that would need residential sprinklers and fire hydrant flows. Daly City, California

Government Agency:
Water supply and sprinkler system analysis for the proposed installation of back flow prevention devices. Contra Costa County, California
Third party review and approval of Mass Notification System, and sprinkler system for a U.S. Navy building. Alameda, California.
Fire protection plan review for 26 acre multiuse development and shopping center. City of Sunnyvale Fire Department, Sunnyvale, California

Design of a replacement fire alarm system for a high rise residential property in San Francisco.

Code review for exiting for the conversion of a historical retail building into a café with live entertainment. San Rafael, California
Review of occupant loading and preparation of pre-event inspection forms for a historical theater building. Petaluma, California
Sizing of water supply, water storage, and fire pump for new church facility. Vacaville, California

Evaluation of an existing sprinkler system for high piled storage. Preparation of high piled storage permit application. Sunnyvale, California
Modification to an existing sprinkler system for high piled storage. Preparation of high piled storage permit application. Sunnyvale, California
Evaluation of existing fire protection sprinkler system versus high piled storage. Novato, California
Evaluation and code requirements for storage of polyethylene bags in high piled storage configuration. Novato, California
Third Party plan review of fire protection systems for power generating facility. Hayward, California

Hazardous Materials:
Preparation of annual hazardous material business plans and inventory statements. 30+ locations in California, for a single client.
Fire protection consulting on hazardous materials and storage of hazardous materials. Various locations in the United States, for a single client.
Evaluation of flammable liquids storage, inventory review for NFPA 704 signage. Biotech firm, Vacaville, California
Respond to fire department concerns involving flammable and hazardous materials warehousing. Tracy, California.

Investigate sprinkler system leakage. San Francisco, California